Booking for the infirmary weekend (16th-17thth June 2018)


The weekend as a whole is predicted to attract approx 30,000 people.  The Infirmary is new to the weekend but will be fully supported by the Heritage event and will appear on all maps and publications.
We will be promoting the event prior via newspapers and radio as well as in person on the day with on street acts to encourage the public along.
Even if we attract just 10% of that 30,000 then you can see just how busy we could all be!

Our plan is to have the traders spread out within the museum, becoming part of the exhibitions!
You may be trading next to dinosaurs, in a Victorian kitchen or camped out with Roman soldiers!
The museum is not a huge space but this will ensure the whole area gets used and is great fun for traders and guests alike. Full maps and signs will be placed throughout the building to ensure a good footfall to all our traders.

During the day we will be providing entertainment and lots of steampunk shenanigans throughout the museum.  This alongside you the traders will make for a truly amazing event.
On top of this we have been promised better coverage in all the festival promotional stuff, better signs to the museum too!
We will once again have our team out on the street rounding people up and sending them into the museum plus we are planning on running a treasure hunt throughout the museum to ensure a higher footfall to all stalls!

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We currently have the following spaces available…

4 Larger traders area – 6ft table or equivalent space with access to all sides plus some flexible floor space.  This would be equivalent to approx two 6ft tables of space.  – £45 for the weekend

8 Standard pitches – 6ft table with access behind and a small amount of side access close by – £35 for the weekend

6 Table only pitches – The same as above but with limited access to the rear of the table. You can trade from the front of the table without a problem and there is room to move and store items within the space. – £25 for the weekend

If you are interested then please apply via THE TRADERS APPLICATION FORM.

We will process the applications over the following few weeks. Preference will be given to previous show traders and all applications will be vetted to ensure a good mix and quality to our stalls.

By booking all traders agree to our terms and conditions. Please ensure you read these in full.

We will also be providing a few author tables free of charge


  Any problems please contact us on 07917 060508 or

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